The Journey

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Course Discussion

The Journey is an 8-month spiritual formation tool that combines online course work, accountability partnerships, and small group interaction. It is designed for busy people who have no formal background in the church or the Christian faith.

Feel free to work through the lessons in the Introduction Module to get a feel for how things work. You can view them in "preview mode" without registering.


My Part in God's Creation

Lectures Names Times Noted
Lessons 1 The Half-Time Speech 5 minutes Preview
Lessons 2 God the Creator 15 minutes Preview
Lessons 3 My Part in God’s Creation 7 minutes Preview
Lessons 4 The Triune God 20 minutes Preview
Lessons 5 Digging Deeper into John 13-17 minutes Preview
Lessons 6 Scripture Reading for My Part in God’s Creation Module minutes Preview
Lessons 7 Meet with Your Traveling Companion for God the Creator Module minutes Preview
Lessons 8 Meet with Your Cohort for God the Creator Module minutes Preview